Tin Can Robot


Sherlock finished its Series 3 run this week on PBS and this seemed like a good time to link to this article by Elizabeth Minkel:

This is the story of one person in one fandom, but it’s likely got hints of your story, too, if you’ve ever been involved in this sort of thing. I’d hope that it resonates if you’ve ever really loved something that you haven’t created — the I’d-kill-for-you kind of love of a work of art that inspires others to say things like, “Whoa, whoa, slow down, it’s just a book.”

The first episode of Series 3 that dealt with the return of Sherlock from the apparent dead seemed to have a few moments in it that were nods to various fan theories about how the show would explain his return. It’s in things like that where Sherlock is not only acknowledging, but apparently winking at, the fans of the show.