Tin Can Robot


This season the Denver Broncos are offering players an iPad with a customized app as an option to the traditional paper playbook:

The playbook section is dense, interactive and, arguably, the most important. In the app, players and coaches can write notes, and highlight Xs and Os using the tablet screen. Those playbooks are then saved on the Broncos server. As the season progresses and the coaches alter plays for a specific opponent, those updates will be loaded into the tablets.

In addition to playbook, the app offers notifications for travel itineraries or meetings and also game film, which can be uploaded to the iPads within an hour after being filmed. The game film offered to players can be customized by offense, defense, special teams or even by individual player. And should a player happen to misplace the iPad, the data on it can be remotely wiped so that prying eyes don’t see it.

(via Shawn Blanc)