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Cuban vs. Bayless

According to Wikipedia, Skip Bayless is best known for ”his strong opinions and sometimes controversial stances on professional athletes.”  When Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, another strongly opinionated fellow, called out Bayless on his NBA knowledge (saying “my 2 yr old knows more”) Bayless fired back by inviting Cuban onto ESPN’s First Take to have a face-to-face debate.

That might have been a bad move, Skip.

There have been many a times when I thought Cuban was a blowhard and a little silly, but the man really knows and studies his basketball.  And his call out of media that use meaningless terms and generalities like “excruciating pressure” to describe basketball losses is way overdue.  OKC didn’t lose the NBA Finals because they didn’t play as hard or want to win as badly as MIA; it was because MIA was able to execute their game plan better than OKC.

I think my favorite part was that little smile Cuban gets when Bayless describes himself as “Lebron’s Howard Cosell”.