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Six Seasons and a Movie

Last night was the Community panel at PaleyFest 2012 and while I didn’t attend in person, I did watch the live stream of the panel from the PaleyFest website (a new feature just added this year).  Nearly the entire cast was in attendance (except for Chevy Chase and Donald Glover), including newly minted Oscar winner Jim Rash:

Later, when I asked him about that big night, a stage manager walked out with the actual Oscar, and Rash proudly displayed it on the table in front of him. Joel McHale quipped that Rash’s contribution to the script was writing all of the dialogue for George Clooney’s comatose wife, and Yvette Nicole Brown praised Rash for how genuinely modest he had been throughout the awards season. Rash picked up the Oscar, said, “Well, this kind of negates what you just said,” and pretended to hide it behind the table before quickly nudging it forward so everyone could still see it.

Also revealed during the panel: upcoming guest appearances by Giancarlo Esposito, John Hodgman, Michael Ironside and the return of Rob Corddry. Also, Malcolm Jamal Warner returns as Shirley’s ex-husband and baby daddy Andre and apparently proposes to Shirley in the first episode.  I say “apparently”, because while the first epsiode was screened for the audience, the people watching the stream did not see the episode and thus received a gigantic spoiler (of which I now present to you). Alison Brie is obsessed with Yvette Nicole Brown’s boobs, and we learned that Abed is likely a few years older than Troy and Annie, although due to Schroedinger’s cat, that fact won’t be canon until it is revealed somehow in the show.

Best audience question of the night was about the possible plot for the movie from the “six seasons and a movie” rallying cry among fans:

Harmon said the best idea he had on that score was that the study group would get together in the sixth season premiere having been through some crazy experience during summer break that they all agreed to never talk about — though there would be clues, like maybe one of the characters wearing an eyepatch now — and that the movie would fill in the blanks on that misadventure.

Of note: Community is the first show ever to be invited to PaleyFest for three straight years. You can go to the Community page on Livestream to see pictures from the event and the video will eventually be available on Hulu.